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3/28/2018 Dirkschneider, Elm Street, Scrollkeeper, The Scourge live at Scout Bar


Interview with Wretch lead guitarist Nick Giannakos(prog/power metal) 2/20/2019

Pat Byrne (Folk/Americana) 1/10/2018

Eric Johnson Interview (1997)

Featured Music:

Legionary "Dominate and Depopulate"
Style: Death / Thrash Metal








Vinyl Floor "Vaudeville"
Style: Rock, Pop, Alternative

Vinyl Floor







Cindy Scott
Style: Jazz, Blues

Cindy Scott







Mercenary X
Style: Power metal

Mercenary X











Neorhythm "Evils" (Groove, Math, Progressive, Death metal)
Cortege "Chasing Daylight) (Ambient Doom)
The Scourge "Warrant for Execution" (Speed/Thrash Metal)
Onslaught "Generation Antichrist" (Thrash Metal)
Algebra "Pulse?" (Thrash Metal)
Terrifiant "Terrifiant" (NWOTHM)
Iron Savior "Kill or Get Killed" (traditional/prog/power metal)
Herman Frank "Fight the Fear" (traditional.prog/power metal)
Wretch "Man or Machine" (traditional.prog/power metal)
Threadbare Jesters "Worn Out Fools" (country rock)
Beldam "Pasung" (stoner/sludge)
Malformity "The Unraveling" (old school death metal)
Tralineate "Ike Antz Hill" (progressive death metal)
Darcy Malong & The Tangle "Make Me Over" EP (jazz, rock, pop)
Forever In Depths "Darkness" (metalcore)
John No Arms "Bar" (rock, punk rock, thrash)
Legionary "Dominate and Depopulate" (death/thrash metal)
Krippled Dogz "Judgment Day" (hard rock)
Austin Jones Band "Chasing the Wind" (pop rock / alternative)
Michael Anthony Shanks "Shankster Style" (rock/jazz/blues/flamenco)
Vinyl Floor "Vaudeville" (rock/pop/alternative)
The Jack Kerowax “Kerowax” (pop. Americana)
Cindy Scott "Historia" (jazz, blues)
Flow Tribe "Alligator White" (funk/r&b/latin)
Dennis Michael "Soulitude" (easy listening/country/funk)
Vinyl Floor "Peninsula" (prog rock/alternative rock)
Oz Knozz "True Believer" (prog rock/hard rock)
Spunky Munky "Munky Business" (punk/alternative)
Mercenary X "Influence" (power metal)
Ed Maly "Fountain of Youth" (blues rock)
Intergalactic Banditos (garage rock)
Cadence - "Kisses Before the Sun" (hip/hop, blues, soul, gospel)
OzKnozz - "10,000 days & nights" (indie rock, eclectic)
Superlitebike - "Away We Go" (indie rock, eclectic)
IceArc - "Sea of Lies" (traditional metal)
Ed Maly - "Guitar Jock" (rock/blues)
Cindy Scott - "Let The Devil Take Tomorrow" (jazz)
The Hectic (industrial/alt. metal)
Crossing Togo - "Of Love, Scorn & Insecurity" (eclectic, folk, pop)
Maria Williams "Hybrid" CD Review (jazz, latin, dance, pop, country)
Point Of Contact - "Human" (alternative, rock, metal)
Stephanie Briggs - "Spark" (pop, rock)
Orents Stirner "Sweet Happy Sadness" (emo, brit pop, rock)
Darwin's God - "Shoes For Fish" (Rock, Alt. Rock, Hard Rock)
Cafe Khytaro - "Distancia" (Flamenco)
Danny Fast Fingers - "Snake Head Red" (60's Folk/Pop)
Slivered - "Thought You Could Soar" (Prog. Rock, Psychedelic, Alt. Rock)
8 Systems - 2007 Promo CD (Alt. Rock)
Ed Maly - "Best Kept Secrets" (Blues/Rock/Country)
Truck "Redline" (Alt. Rock)
Meyvn "Splintered Skies" (Progressive Metal)
Ed Maly - "Walking Shoes Blues" (Blues Rock)
Primary - Crashing Into Nothing (Alt. Rock)
Three Fantastic (Alt. rock)



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