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Slivered - "Thought You Could Soar"

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Band Site: www.slivered.com
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Slivered provides an interesting mix of eclectic psychedelic and alternative rock, in times reminiscent of Porcupine Tree, Voivod circa "Angel Rat" and the british masters Pink Floyd. Their latest CD consists of 12 songs which might be just too taxing to the listener. There are variations and changes but the mood is "eclectic" and at times simply dour. I had a really hard time taking this album in a full listening session, as first the material seems too much (12 songs) and the sound starts to blend in after the third song. Things get more interesting towards the middle of the album as the overall energy picks up a bit on later songs as on "Dead by Mourning" (#10).
The band has been around since 2003 so they definitely play well and interact together - lots of interesting stuff happening on all instruments. I was particularly impressed by the rhythm section of Corrigan Luckey (bass) and Viet Doan (drums) kept things well grounded while Justin box (guitar) and Robin Moore (guitars and lead vocals) kept interweaving chord structures and Lynsey Moore (keys, synth, vocals) added an extra dimension with her performance. I was a bit let down on the vocals as I felt that the band could use a bit more variety in that area. Robin is a fine vocalist but there were times that called for more range or more drama to a vocal and I kinda felt that it wasn't there, maybe the band felt this as well as some of the vocals were mixed in a bit edgier with some fuzz to them. Overall the production is very well done, especially the guitars have a very lush and organic 70s sound. The 70s feel to it is great considering that everything nowadays sounds so digital. This CD actually sounds big and warm and fluid. The drum sounds felt a bit campy in my opinion, but not a huge deal breaker.
It is hard for me to pinpoint favorite songs, but overall I enjoyed the guitar and keyboard interaction as it was particularly well done, especially on song such as "Devotion Undone" where Justin plays probably what is my favorite guitar solo from the CD. "Dead by Mourning" was another song that I particularly enjoyed as the band picks up the tempo on that one. The CD closer, "Goes on Forever" also was another tune that really clicked with me as I feel that it provided the overall picture of what the band is about.
I think that a shorter CD tune selection would have been better here, as this CD really felt as two albums worth of material. Definitely a worthy release, especially if you want to hear something different coming out of the Houston scene.

Score: 4/5

Reviewed by A. Dorian

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