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Oz Knozz "10,000 days & nights"


Band Site: www.ozknozz.com
one pointhalfpoint



Progressive rockers Oz Knozz (pronounced oz ka-nozz') say that they've been on the Houston scene since 1969 and like a well hidden jewel they somehow managed to be under the radar, well, at least for me. I am really surprised that I haven't heard of them sooner, considering that I've been around the scene since the early 90s and I like this kind of music. Oz Knozz bio says they've opened for Supertramp, Kansas, Peter Frampton, Point Blank, and Judas Priest and judging by the quality of the musicianship and production, I can definitely hear why.

The band kinda reminds me of more modern production Schenker-era UFO crossed with mid 80s Van Halen. The songs are strong, with superb musicianship by all band members. The album for review was produced by the band in 2008 and has local audio guru Greg Gill doing the mixing. Going over the CD, it is obvious these guys have been playing together for a while as they play off of each other effortlessly. If I had one complaint, it would've been the overabundance of keyboards in the mix, which didn't always work in favor of the song. Some of the patch choices, especially some synth leads should've been better left to the guitar. Highlights from the CD for me are the guitar leads on "Midnight Mambo" and "Who's The Hero". As far as favorite song from the album, I'd have to pick "Hear What I'm Saying".

Overall, Oz Knozz, despite the funny name, manage to put together quite a package.

Reviewed by A. Dorian

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