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Threadbare Jesters “Worn Out Fools” EP (self-produced)

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Band Site: threadbarejesters.com
one pointhalfpoint

Threadbare Jesters describe themselves as a rock'n'roll band with country lyrics. The description fits well. “Worn Out Fools” delivers just that – straight up rock'n'roll with a country twist. The band is tight, the production is clean and punchy, and the songs are hook-laden barn stompers. The lyrics cover traditional territory of boozin' and cruisin'. Well done vocals, solidly performed music, even though the "twang" seemed forced a touch, but it is well within the genre. If you like modern country this should be right down your alley. “Worn Out Fools” is a well performed, solid release. Can't wait for the next one!

Reviewed by A. Dorian

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