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Neorhythm “Evils” (self released)

Cortege Chasing Daylight

Band Site: neorhythm.bandcamp.com
one pointhalfpoint

Neorhythm are from St. Peterburg, Russia, and their music is stark, cold and unforgiving as the weather of the old Russian Capitol. Mixing genres of djent, groove, math and death metal the duo of two researchers that released their debut in 2018 with the album "Zetetic", focusing on cosmological and futuristic themes, as well as themes of general galactic values of a philosophical plan.
All hefty themes, which also seem like a nod toward “eco metal” and Gojira.
“Evils” is an EP, composed as a conceptual link between "Terrastory" (2020) and the next planned full-length album. The four song EP is completely performed in Russian. According to the duo, the album “is about our common vices, internal and external, each of us individually and of society, as a whole, haunting all civilizations from the beginning of time and, probably, never erasable, because such is our dual nature”.
Overall, the band plays competent metal, and easily changes between the genres mentioned. This release contains solid compositions, with tight musicianship and the production fits well. The vocals...they’re ok, and have been improving, compared to some of their earlier efforts, but still they seem to be the part that needs to get better.
Solid performances, and some hefty philosophical themes, sung in Russian. Definitely a project worth watching.

Favorite track: “Servitude”

Reviewed: A. Dorian

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