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Onslaught “Generation Antichrist” (AFM Records)

Herman Frank Fight the Fear

Band Site: https://www.powerfromhell.com/
one pointhalfpoint

I will preface that I am a long-time fan of Onslaught. In a way they were one of the bands, along with Kreator, Destruction, Sabbat, that were part of my growing up.
The 2013 offering from the Brit thrash masters “IV” stays in my car CD changer up to this day. Out of that lineup, the only people left on this album are Nige Rockett (principal songwriter and guitarist) and Jeff Williams (bass). Dave Garnett joins on vocals, Wayne Norman on second guitar, and James Perry on drums.
Overall, the songwriting, performances and production on the album are not dissimilar to the previous release. I think the lyrical department overall could use some help, one can stomach just so much of the same theme of satanism and anti-christian sentiment. It is generally on par with the previous album, and can very well could be a thematic repeat of the same themes.
“Rise to Power”, the album opener, starts up with a spoken intro, something that goes for about 30 second, which I happily skip and go mid-song to where the album officially starts up with a Sabbath-y slow riff that graduates to a thrash mid-tempo banger. It is a catchy song that acts in a way as an intro to the rest. Next song, “Strike Fast, Strike Hard” opens up with merciless thrash fury, reminiscent of an Exodus track, that transitions to a catchy pre-chorus, that is an absolute moshpit crusher. There is a very hook laden solo that goes into double guitar harmony and it absolutely crushes.
“Bow Down” is another song that could easily be on an Exodus album and it is an absolute mid-tempo ripper.
“Generation Antichrist”, the title track, starts with a bit of a Christian trope that transitions into the intro riff. It offers a bruising speed, yet delivers a melodic chorus and changes between the different parts of the song, moving from frenetic thrash fury to midtempo verse deliveries and hook-laden choruses.
“All Seeing Eye” pretty much continues along the same formula, but slows down a touch into a more mid-tempo thrasher.
The rest of the album continues along with the same vein, with lots of hooks, harmonized guitar and tasteful solos. It is very well written ,and if it weren’t for the somewhat sophomore lyrics, it could as well be the songtrack for year 2020.

Reviewed by A. Dorian

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