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Intergalactic Banditos

Intergalactic Banditos

Band Site: www.reverbnation.com/

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The Intergalactic Banditos are self described as garage rock act. Their self titled 5 song CD was released in 2011, and Robb & Bob (guitars and vocals) and Fabe (drums) have been at it ever since. This CD was recorded with a guest bassist, but since then the band has added Jamie as part of their lineup.

I've seen the Intergalactic Banditos live a few times and every time their show is loaded with high energy veering on the brink of disaster. It is rough, rowdy and real. So, with this demo out, it was really interesting to hear how it all translates on a recording. I have to say that the guys sound on record just as they do live - what you get is a live performance, with all of its blisters and glory. The recording quality also adequately captures a band grooving together in a time and space, drenched in sweat and chugging whisky and beer as they go at it, something rarely heard nowadays in the age of overdubs and pitch correction. Let's be honest - some things could have been fixed, some pitch issues, guitars going out of tune in places, the drum and bass mix could've been crisper but the band chose to go for an extremely raw live sound that might find some detractors. While not flawless, this performance makes a statement. With a cleaner production probably something bigger would've been lost in the process - the feel of the record, and don't get me wrong - there is a huge feel to this CD. The atmosphere almost transforms the listener to a sweaty Texas bar, to the bad part of town, where smoking is still allowed and Tarrentino-type of outlaws still skulk in the shadows.

I really like the high energy rock of the Banditos - it is a rowdy blend of proto punk akin Richard Hell or early Ramones, mixed in with stoner and sludge influences. All songs focus on appropriate content, boozing and women, just like they should. "Whisky, Witches & Romance" is a definite hit and managed to stay stuck in my head for days. According to their website, the Banditos are working on their followup EP, so crack open another bottle, maybe with one of those stainless steel teeth, and enjoy!

Reviewed by A. Dorian

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