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Ed Maly "Guitar Jock" (Hot Texas Tunes)

Ed Maly Cd cover

Band Site: www.hottexastunes.com
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This is the third album that I review from Houston-based blues/rock guitarist and vocalist Ed Maly. If you want gritty, down to earth Texas workin' man's music - Ed Maly is your man. Like other Ed Maly albums - there is an open jam policy at Ed's studio and only talented folks are invited, and by talented I mean sizzling hot. A variety of guest musicians could also result in some production discrepancies. Not a big deal but it was somewhat noticeable mostly on drum sounds. The lyrical content on the tunes could get somewhat repetitive - there were 4 songs with the "guitar" in the title, but yet again they somehow seem to work. After all this is a blues record - if you want thinking man's music you might be more akin to something along the lines of Porcupine Tree. My favorite song on this CD is "If You Were A Guitar" - basically a description of a man's obsession with his guitar and the resulting jealousy from his woman. As a guitar player I can definitely relate...and so does my old lady. Guilty as charged - my Strat gets more pampering than the missus. As a final test to Ed Maly's magic - I snuck in some of the tunes at a recent bbq party and people were really digging it and asking where to get it.

The answer: www.hottexastunes.com

Reviewed by A. Dorian

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