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Malformity "The Unraveling" 4.5/5 Boris Records


Band Site: Malformity.bandcamp.com

Death metal purists Malformity have joined forces with Boris Records on “The Unraveling”, a 7in vinyl EP.

The EP is only two tracks, but it is a good intro into the band. The first track, “Rapturous Damnation” pummels the listener with solid old school death metal. The mid section becomes temporarily mired in midtempo which has an atonal solo section, which you either love or hate. The band moves on to a harmonized riffs that delivers punishing headbanging bliss, lightly moves onto a slow clean passage and as soon as you've settled in, Malformity greet you with a 100 ton gorrilla that feasts on your entrails until the song's end. The second and title track, continues in this fine traditon but with somewhat less sonic experimentation, somewhere along the line of old school Death or Pestilence. Malformity are so tight and the stops are so well executed as they leave you almost breathless.

The band is super tight, the production is old school and original, which accents the performance in a very good way.

Why only two songs? Pick this up in anticipation of the full LP. Can't wait!

Reviewed by: A. Dorian









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