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Interview with Nick Giannakos (lead guitarist for Wretch)

Nick Giannakos

Nick Giannakos is lead guitarist for Cleaveland Ohio's power metal band "Wretch".

Alexander Dorian had the pleasure to interview the axeman via email about his band's new CD "Man or Machine", coming out on 15th March 2019 via Pure Steel Records.


Alex Dorian: How long did it take you to write material for this release? What was the songwriting process like?

Nick Giannakos: Some of these songs were written a while ago and some were finished during the recording of the CD. Usually the process starts with me writing the music then sending the files out for everyone to work on their parts.

A.D.: What are the lyrical themes on your new LP?

N.G.: Well some are phantasy-based and some are slightly political. The trilogy has a medieval theme.

A.D.: Tell us about the recording process – did you try something new, how long did it take, studios/producers used?

N.G.: We are lucky in that I have a recording studio in my house. I act as the engineer and producer during the whole process. It’s a pretty simple process - nothing fancy.

A.D.: You have the Inquisitor Trilogy – why not do a whole concept album based on that?

N.G.: For the Inquisitor Trilogy we only had lyrics for three songs that were related, so we just stuck with that.

A.D.: Desert island scenario: assuming that you're stranded on a desert island and there is electricity to power up a sound system, each band member can only take one LP/CD with them, what would it be?

N.G.: Since I’m the only one here I would probably take Helloween "Keeper of the Seven Keys" Part II, my favorite album!!!

Nick G

A.D.: According to the band's biography on Encyclopedia Metallum, you started in 1985, how has the scene changed today in comparison to the 80s?

N.G.: Well, I’m the last original member from back then, here in Cleveland the scene has changed a lot, not as many clubs to play and when we do play it’s harder to get people to come out.

A.D.:How do you prepare for a show? Any rituals? 

N.G.: Actually we really don’t have any crazy rituals before we go on stage, just try to warm up a little bit before we go on, that’s about it.

A.D.: When can we expect to see Wretch perform in Houston, TX? What are your plans for 2019?

N.G.: We would love to play in Houston!! Set it up and we’ll be there!!!! We are doing a European tour in March to support the new cd, after that we don’t have much set up yet.

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