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8 Systems - 2007 Promo

8 Systems Logo

Band Site: myspace.com/8systems
one pointhalfpoint

I have in front of me 8 Systems' 3 song 2007 CD promo release.
According to their bio, the band has been on the Texas scene since 2004 with an ever-growing fan base. 8 Systems plays alternative tinger radio friendly rock, more notably influenced by Tool, Soundgarden, Incubus and others. Their demo CD is well constructed, showcasing a bit of a variety in the tune selection. Song #1 on the CD, “Parallel”, an edgy rocker that jumps straight to the point. The next track, “Universal Disease” has a bit more of a laid back opening that works its way to a medium tempo rocker along the lines of Tool. “Abyss”, the closing tune is also along the same line of mid tempo rock, with some catchy guitar melodies that interact well with with the vocal lines. Overall I felt that the band, coupled with a spotless production was able to turn a compelling performance on these 3 songs, especially Rob Chambers' vocals. From what I heard on this CD I can easily say that 8 Systems is ready for radio play, but I see them having a hard time differentiating themselves from the myriad of other bands on the radio that play the same formula.

Reviewed by A. Dorian

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