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Primary - Crashing Into Nothing (mini-CD)

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Band Site: www.primaryonline.net
one pointhalfpoint

The first phrases off the CD opener "I'm sorry for everything..." caught me by surprise. Jason Allen's voice sounded like a perfect but more tuneful version of Curt Cobain. Seeing that the CD was recorded in Seattle I guess that comes as no big surprise.

Mentioning the recording - the production is FAT. The guitar textures on this CD are incredible.

The music itself probably would be classified as emo or some type of alt. rock. My favorite song out of this CD would be #2 "Ghost" due to the varying feels and the interaction between guitar and vocals. I wish there were more songs on this CD since it seems to end rather quick but 3 song format seems the right choice for industry representation, so we wish the boys luck at getting signed.

Primary yet again provides for an interesting listen and stands out with an excellent production.

Reviewed by A. Dorian

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