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Cortege “Chasing Daylight” (Desert Records)

Cortege Chasing Daylight

Band Site: cortege.bandcamp.com/
one pointhalfpoint

These guys hail from Austin, Texas. As most things hailing from Austin nowadays, they’re weird, that’s about it. Does this feel like a band performance? Nah, not really. The “band” comprises of Mike Swarbrick on Bass VI, Moog, Mellotron, Tubular Bells and Adrian Voorhies on drums.
So Mike tweaked some synths, did a little bass and Adrian hit drums, did few random cymbal swells and rolls, without much of a plot or a plan for a song. People used to sell these as soundscape libraries back in the day and it generated decent cash for sound designers.
“Chasing Daylight” features no virtuosity, no real performances...just one big long BLAH. A hipster would perhaps say that quite possibly one cannot understand the (cork-sniffery) complexities or subtle nuances of post-Western doom or whatever genre these guys are supposed to be, might have several very expensive craft beers while elaborating on the philosophy of it and so forth...
The music is a decent background soundtrack, recorded cleanly with some pleasant Tarantino-esque sound effects. While not bringing anything too interesting, the upside is that there is also nothing too jarring. If one doesn’t want a harsh buzz and still wants to dig in a post-apocalyptic desert landscape while toking up a giant hemp cigar, or enjoy a long mescaline or mushroom trip – maybe these guys are for you. It’s the completely anti-ego experience, no masterful performances, just two cuts that are there and then they are not. After all, the definition of Cortege, according to Miriam-Webster is “a train of attendants“, and the music fits this description.
These guys could do ambient music for movies, and they’d be paid well. In this shape and form, it really feels incomplete. One star for gorgeous “Death Proof” inspired artwork by Steven Yoyada. One star for sheer “balls”.
If Mike and Adrian got a sultry sexy -voiced songstress to go with the background sounds, it’ll sell like hotcakes. In its present state – wake me up when it’s over.

Reviewed by A. Dorian

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