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Three Fantastic

Three Fantastic Logo

Band Site: www.dotpointperiod.com

Again, lately I just can't express the sheer joy of receiving such great production quality recordings from unsigned and indie label bands. Three Fantastic are one of these bands - great warm sounding record and exceptional performance captured on CD! I was putting off the review for a while looking at the cover that had me thinking that I just won't enjoy this band, must 've been the orange or the retro-styled picture of some asian kids holding tableclothes and a bird (or kites?) and on the back some dudes (the band) sitting at a table with leftovers. Looking at this I was just thinking badly recorded pop punk, but boy, was I surprised!

The band's sound is hard to describe - I hear some post punk and emo influences, some classic rock influences and even a bit of dance. The song "20,000 Worlds Away" combines these for a great effect. There are moments that sound like Annie Lennox mixed in with moments along the lines of Primus. Definitely an interesting sound! The performances are all aces, Charles Peters' vocals work great with the arrangements, reminding me of a mix between Elvis and Glenn Danzig (also known as "Evil" Elvis), so in that case it'd be a mix of good and evil Elvis. The rhytm section consisting of Evan Groeshel's (bass) and David Tashery (drums) is definitely slamming, while the guitars, synths and pianos performed by Kelly Doyle and Charles Peters weave interesting sounding patters. Wonderful band and my first 5 out of 5 score! All I can say is - GET THIS CD!

Reviewed by A. Dorian

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