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Orents Stirner "Sweet Happy Sadness", self produced

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  3.5 out of 5


Just by reading the album title I expected to find a CD drenched in melancholy sounds and a band with a slightly offbeat style that will probably go well with the Rudyards crowd. It turns out that Orents Stirner is just that. Big kudos when it comes to the cover - it really shows what the band is about!
The production is campy and definitely has a cheap feel, especially when it comes to drums and guitars. The vocals are kinda drifting in and out of pitch in places. The guitars seem like they are also not adverse to the occasional pitch issue. The whole performance has an overall grungy Austin bar club vibe and the band's sound is somewhat evocative of corduroy jackets and vintage jeans circa brit rock revolution era. Listening to this CD I am thinking that these guys go really well with the college crowd, although there are lots of bands doing pretty much the same thing as them at this time. I still wouldn't completely write off Orents as they have some well crafted compositions. I really liked "Moonbeam" and "Two" - I hear some Doors, Beatles and post emo influences that blend really well together. Even with its budget production there is a reality and vividness to the sound that is captivating.

Reviewed by: A. Dorian

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