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Ed Maly - "Walking Shoes Blues" (Hot Texas Tunes)

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Band Site: www.edmaly.com
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From the opening riff of this CD I was taken aback by the wonderful production - this is how a blues/rock album should sound! This is especially a great feat since we're talking about a self release. Ed Maly breathes the blues, the band is hot and the performance is definitely there. Ed is on vocals and guitar, Keith Cannon is on lead guitar, Don Irby - bass and vocals, Mike Snelling - drums and vocals. As expected coming from Texas, Ed has to be influenced by SRV and I think he really captures that influence well on the song "Telepathic Love", which is also my favorite. There really isn't a bad song on this release, if I have to complain my only gripe would be that the lyrics get a little trite in places, but after all it is blues rock which is supposed to be down to earth so this works well. The tribute to Jimi Hendrix "While His Guitar" was a miss as far as I am concerned, Ed should've done "Along the Watchtower" and call it that instead of doing such a blatant copy of the tune. Overall this is a great blues record from a sizzling hot band, captured well and definitely worth getting if you're a fan of Texas rock and blues.

Reviewed by A. Dorian

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