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Tralineate “Ike Antz Heap” 2.5/5 self-produced

Darcy Malone

Band Site: www.facebook.com/Tralineate/
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Tralineate is a one man progressive death metal project, the brainchild of Chris Sanders from Topeka, Kansas. As far as one man show goes, I have to say that this is really good. Chris plays all instruments, sings and programs the drums.

The music doesn't really break any boundaries, but is solid. The vocal style reminds one of the character "Nathan Explosion" from Metalocalypse, but with a bit less gusto. The overall production mix is uneventful, with some abrasive drum machine sounds taking center stage for some reason. Considering that drums are probably the weakest point, as they are programmed, it is strange to say the least.

“Among the Thorns” particularly suffers from the machine gun kick drum syndrome which completely ruins the track. There is no flow to the mixes, everything stays in one sonic space and doesn't move, another issue that after song or two listening fatique starts to kick in.

This CD is a good pre-production demo and with the right musicians and a bit more spicing up by a more interesting drummer and vocalist, possibly some more lead work and it could be just as good as any of the traditional DM bands at the moment. I think at least an investment in a better drum production software and a more professional remix can go a long way on this one.

I like the music, it is played competently and some of the orchestra arrangements add a little extra color to an otherwise simplistic death metal fare.

Standout tracks: “Flight 232 Heavy”, “Corroded”, ”The Three Points of Execution”, “Regulators of the Barcoded Flesh “

Reviewed by: A. Dorian









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