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Beldam “Pasung” (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

Austin Jones CD cover

Band Site: hpgd.bandcamp.com/album/pasung
one pointhalfpoint

“Pasung” is the sophomore album from Seattle-based sludge doomsters Beldam. The band delivers a dynamic style that also at times nods towards black metal, mainly due to the stylings of new vocalist/lyricist Randall Guidry.

What sets these guys apart from the fuzzed out retro landscape that lately roams thru cannabis soaked underground clubs and basements is the band's diversity. In a genre that excels on being mediocre, Beldam manages to find an original voice. They deliver punishing riffs, that at times even nod to Sabbath, punctuated by diverse drum work and vocals that cut the mix with demonic cackle and deep monstrous intent, like a meat cleaver cuts thru bone.

Favorite tunes: "Vial of Silence", "Sunken Sorceress", "That Which Consumes You"

Reviewed by: A. Dorian


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