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Iron Savior “Kill or Get Killed”(AFM Records)

Herman Frank Fight the Fear

Band Site: killer.iron-savior.com/
one pointhalfpoint

This album delivers in typical Iron Savior fashion. The hooks are grandiose, the leads are flashy, the delivery definitely precise and very German in nature.

There are some hints of Helloween, but due to the pedigree of some of the members, that's not a surprise.

Piet Sielck is in fine vocal form as the lead vocals are simply fantastic, the leads guitar work of Piet and guitarist Joachim "Piesel" Küstner is also exceptional. Some of the lyrics are a bit goofy, but pretty much on par for the genre. The drums and bass are there and played well, although they play it very close to the patch-covered vest.

The LP has a very crisp production, that also manages to be huge while retaining its metallic edge. The guitar sounds are brash and ready for a fight, as it should be. I am not sure how this will translate live as there are just too many layers of orchestration and overdubs that might make this hard to take on the road.

While there isn't really a bad song on the album, “Stand Up and Fight” seems tailored to be a huge hit on the big Summer metal festivals. “Heroes Ascending” is also a great sing along song, something to enjoy while swinging a beer stein in typical teutonic fashion along to the huge melodic chorus. “Legends of Glory” is a serious bruiser that hides a lot of aggression under a multi-layered production approach.

This album is an absolute must for the die-hard power metal fan.

Reviewed by A. Dorian

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