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Dennis Michael “Soulitude”, Progressive Edge Record (self-released)

Cd cover

Band Site: www.spunkymunkymusic.com
one pointhalfpoint


This band plays pop punk. I guess you can call me old but I remember when the punk genre used to be dangerous and fun. It was not originally infused with high production values, but with pure attitude. The likes of Greenday changed that and when it comes to the modern kind of punk , or maybe the proper term should be alternative, the expectations are high. Spunky Munky presents 10 songs on this cd, most of the tunes have good potential but are delivered with the wrong approach. The production is slightly on the better side of garage quality, it is quite decent if it weren't for the singing, which needs more polish. The vocals seem to be the biggest shortcoming of this band, and in this as in most genres the vocal is what sells the tune. That coupled with a nasal vocal production (something should've been done there - different mic, some distortion/fx treatment?) and you're left with a real feeble feel. What I mean is that the guy is so un-punk rock, that he can't even deliver a convincing "f... you" (Petrol) or a decent "I am f.....ing piece of sh.t" (Suitcase) and do it like he means it. Not that I blame him, as these are not the world's smartest lyrics. Most of the tempos simply drag too slow. There isn't a single song here that can't use a serious kick in the keister in terms of tempo and/or more conviction in the delivery. Even the rhythm section seems half asleep and phoning it in most of the time. There is no discernible key player in Spunky Munky, and the sum of the parts is not that much greater than the lowest common denominator which in this case is the vocal. Guitars are decent, so is the rhythm section, but there is nothing exceptional, seems like the whole CD just goes, without much fervor or interest even from the performers. No fire or conviction is evident on any of the music. Get off the anti-depressants and get some speed in your system...or a producer – your fans will thank you!

Reviewed by A. Dorian


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