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Danny Fast Fingers "Snake Head Red "

Danny Fast Fingers Snake Head Red

Band Site: www.dannyfastfingers.com

"Snake Head Red" has country music's sense of storytelling, a 60's pop rock sound injected with a bit of folk element and drizzling of world music. This recipe makes Danny's new release quite interesting to listen to. I really enjoyed Danny's stories - every song has something to tell,not unlike country music. There were really no virtuoso performances here, although musically Danny is no slouch. He plays well, but he plays relaxed and groovy which serves the song. He uses more of a Bob Dylan storytelling approach, putting you in a story and keeping you interested so you want to stay there. I found the album refreshing and different to the regular fare I review. Outside of country music and folk it is really hard to find these qualities in a song. "Snake Head Red" has a mesmerizing feel and you can't put it down - there is something captivating, either in the storytelling or the jam aspects of the songs that just keep you reaching back for this CD. I call this good songwriting! Danny's got "100% Mojo", as his band's stickers say. I have to agree to that description, this CD embodies it perfectly!

Reviewed by A. Dorian

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