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3/17/2021 Neorhythm "Evils" (Groove, Progressive, Math, Death Metal)

3/17/2021 Cortege "Chasing Daylight" (ambient doom)

11/1/2020 The Scourge "Warrant for Execution" (speed/thrash metal)

9/1/2020 Onslaught "Generation Antichrist"

1/15/2020 Algebra "Pulse"

1/10/2020 Terrifiant "Terrifiant"

4/05/2019 Iron Savior "Kill or Get Killed"

4/02/2019 Herman Frank "Fight the Fear"

3/08/2019 Review of Wretch "Man or Machine"

2/20/2019 Interview with Wretch lead guitarist Nick Giannakos

1/10/2019 Interview with Folk/Irish/Americana singer&songwriter Pat Byrne

7/17/2018 Threadbare Jesters "Worn Out Fools"

4/7/2018 Kicking off our concert review section with Dirkschneider, Elm Street, Scrollkeeper and The Scourge (live at Scout bar on 3/28/18)

4/7/2018 Caustic Cell "Shotgun Saga"

1/3/2018 Beldam "Pasung"

12/28/2017 Malformity "Unraveling"

12/23/2017 Tralineate "Ike Antz Hill"

6/24/2017 Darcy Malone & The Tangle EP reviewed

3/21/2017 A. Dorian reviews the latest n-Track (v.8)

12/2/2016 Industrial: RAVE THE REQVIEM – “The Gospel of Nil” review (syndicated)

9/22/2016 Technical death metal: Allagaeon – “Proponent for Sentience” review (syndicated)

9/21/2016 Doom: Ceremonia – “La Existencia Humana Debe Ser Un Error” review (syndicated)

9/21/2016 Sludge/Djent/Metalcore: RSJ – “Giant Glenn” review (syndicated)

9/21/2016 Metalcore: Cover Your Tracks – “Fever Dream” review (syndicated)

9/4/2016 Punk Rock: Kamikaze Girls – “Sad” review (syndicated)

9/4/2016 A. Dorian reviews alt rock Lightscape “For Present, For Past” EP (syndicated)

6/23/2016 A. Dorian reviews heavy metal Denner/Shermann "Masters of Evil" (syndicated)

6/15/2016 A. Dorian reviews French experimental underground death metal label Les Acteurs de l’Ombre artists Pensees Nocturnes "Nom D’Une Pipe!" and Paramnesia "Paramnesia (IV – V)" (syndicated)

6/5/2016 A. Dorian reviews AND HARMONY DIES – “Totenamt” (syndicated)

5/21/2016 EP review: Forever In Depths "Darkness"

5/19/2016 Paragon Samples “The Nave Q Studio Kit” drum sample pack

4/19/2016 CD review: John No Arms "Bar"

2/20/2016 Heavyocity DAMAGE review

9/9/2015 Legionary "Dominate and Depopulate"

9/9/2015 Krippled Dogz "Judgment Day"

4/17/2015 The Austin Jones Band "Chasing the Wind" EP

4/9/2015 Michael Anthony Shanks "Shankster Style"

4/6/2015 Vinyl Floor "Vaudeville"

11/25/2014 The Jack Kerowax "Kerowax"

10/24/2014 Cindy Scott "Historia"

10/24/2014 Flow Tribe "Alligator White" (EP) reviewed

8/9/2014 James Trussart Steel-O-Matic Antique Silver Holey

4/25/2014 Dennis Michael "Soulitude"

1/9/2014 New music reviewed: Vinyl Floor "Peninsula"

6/25/2013 New music reviewed: Oz Knozz and Spunky Munky

2/12/2013 Sterling by Music Man RAY35 5-string bass reviewed

9/17/2012 Toontrack EZDrummer Drumkit from Hell

9/5/2012 Hercules MS531B and MS533B Mic Stands

9/1/2012 Fishman Fission

7/26/2012 Marshall Class5 Combo

7/24/2012 Kustom Defender 15H head and 1x12 Kustom Defender Cabinet

7/14/2012 ModTone MT-AD Analog Delay

5/7/2012 Taylor 2012 110 Dreadnaught

5/5/2012 Hercules Guitar Stands GS412B and GS414B reviewed

3/20/12 Mercenary X "Influence"

2/25/12 Traveler Speedster Guitar

2/25/12 Ed Maly "Fountain of Youth"

2/24/12 Intergalactic Banditos

2/23/12 Cadence "Kisses Before the Sun"

2/14/12 OzKnozz "10,000 Days & Nights"

2/13/12 Superlitebike "Away We Go"

2/1/12 Toontrack EZdrummer review

10/17/11  Wave Machine Labs Drumagog 5 review

04/12/11 Line 6 Spider 15 Combo amp

04/11/11 n-Track 6 Audio Multitrack Audio Recording Software

02/24/11 Rock Band 3 Fender Guitar Controller

02/24/11 Give Me Drums (Deluxe Edition)

01/20/11 Ibanez Soungear SR-505 5 string bass

01/07/11 Blackstar HT-Dual

09/04/10 EnergyXT review

08/08/10 Tech21 SansAmp BassDriver DI - new review by contributing writer Andrew Sutton

07/28/10 DDyna - Narlie! Dude overdrive/drive pedal

06/22/10 IceArc - Sea of Lies (traditional metal) reviewed

06/22/10 Ed Maly - Guitar Jock (blues/rock) reviewed

06/10/10 Cindy Scott - "Let The Devil Take Tomorrow" (jazz)

04/02/10 Acoustica Mixcraft 5 reviewed

03/01/10 Sony Sound Forge 10 reviewed

02/20/10 Crossing Togo - "Of Love, Scorn & Insecurity" and The Hectic albums reviewed

01/08/10 Ocean Way Drums DL Edition Drum Library/Sampler

12/03/09 Vox Cooltron Brit Boost

11/13/09 V-Picks Fab Four, Acoustic Package and Night-Glow Medium Pointed guitar picks review

10/9/09 IK Multimedia Fender Review

8/31/09 OrangeTiny Terror Combo Reviewed

6/19/2009 DDyna Thinman OD pedal review

6/5/2009 Review of Sony Acid Pro 7 Digital Audio Workstation

5/28/2009 IK Multimedia Amplitube 2 reviewed

4/21/2009 Maria Williams "Hybrid" CD Review

3/12/2009 Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive Overdrive Review

3/10/2009 Point of Contact "Human" CD review
Coming up: Sony Acid Pro 7, IK AmpliTube 2.0, Energy XT, DDyna pedals, Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro, GCX Audio Switcher and Sparkle Drive.

3/8/2009 PreSonus FireStudio Tube - 16 channel audio firewire interface review

1/3/2009 Happy New Year! We have some new equipment reviews up: Hughes and Kettner Redbox Classic, AMT Dt-2 Distortion Factory. Lots of things in the works - upcoming review on recording software and some amp emulation plugins coming up!

12/04/2008 Hughes and Kettner Tubeman II review up!

11/28/2008 Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We have 3 new reviews up: Stephanie Briggs "Spark", Darwin's God "Shoes For Fish" and Orents Stirner "Sweet Happy Sadness" in our Music Review section.

10/20/2008 Boss GT-10 guitar effects processor reviewed

8/20/08 - Looks like this Halloween will be quite busy...Lots of new reviews coming up - we got a shipment of PreSonus FireStudio Tube and we'd put it through the paces with a friend's recording session that is coming up. The Boss GT-10 review is almost done and will go up this week. Lots of new CDs to review as well, several distortion and overdrive pedals and a very interesting new switching option from Voodoo Labs called the Ground Control!

7/25/2008 Two new CD reviews up - Danny Fast Fingers "Snake Head Red", Cafe Khytaro "Distancia"

6/6/2008 Reviewed: Boss Me-50 guitar processor Hughes and Kettner Redbox Classic Emulator

4/20/08 Slivered "Thought You Could Soar" CD Review up
Boss GT-10 and ME-50 guitar processor reviews coming up shortly.

3/19/08 8 Systems 2007 promo review added

3/1/08 We review Ed Maly's 2008 Release - "Best Kept Secrets"

2/15/08 Presonus FP10 review

2/10/08 We've added a Myspace address - visit us at www.myspace.com/houstonmusicreviews

1/15/08 Welcome to HoustonMusicReviews.com - your source for competent music and equipment reviews!

We are kicking off the New Year with the Distortion Shootout in our Gear Reviews section.

The Music Reviews are also up so feel free to visit.

If you like to stay updated - register in our Forums.

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