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Forever In Depths - Darkness (EP)

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Band Site: Forever In Depths on FB
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Hailing from Portsmouth, England, the guys from Forever in Depths have been at it since 2012 with their debut EP “The Lost and Found”.

As a recording engineer I frequent a few forums and for the most part the new music that is posted there is similar to this. It has a bit more subpar production and not quite as finished ideas, but I hate to say this, this EP did not surprise me with anything. I knew exactly where the next breakdown will be, or where to expect the chorus. For the most part the music they play is built upon metalcore and djent cliches that permeate almost every budding teenage musicians' brain. The open note djenty chugs are there, as are the ever present breakdowns, melodic sung choruses juxtaposed with aggressive verses. It has every genre cliché I would expect from a band trying to be current, and while it is well performed, it offers very little originality.

With that in mind, the musicianship is solid, the recording is pristine and the drums are probably the instrument that seems to stand out the most on this EP. The song that seems to break out of the mold and present the band at their most interesting seems to be “Behind Our Eyes”, where the guitarists layer several intertwining melodies and the arrangement seems to be at its most dynamic and we can hear something remotely interesting. Still, as far as this reviewer is concerned, this band needs to expand its horizons way beyond their current offering and take a few risks in whichever direction, just please, mix it up a bit!

Darkness” Tracklist

1. The Storm
2. Darkness (Feat Luke Boyle )
3. Behind Our Eyes

Forever In Depths are:
Jake Hale – Vocals
Anthony Chantrey – Guitar/Clean Vocals
Luke Gillies – Drums
Danny Marenghi – Guitar
George Blake – Bass

Reviewed by A. Dorian

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