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Caustic Cell "Shotgun Saga" (self produced)

Caustic Cell

Band Site: causticcell.bandcamp.com
one pointhalfpoint

“Shotgun Saga” is the 2017 EP from Caustic Cell, a two man sludge/groove band from Houston, TX.
Nathan Kuretsch is on drums and Jeremiah Johnson handles guitars and bass, and the duo split vocal duties. The five song EP also features guest performances by Mange (“Holier than Thou”) and Derek Prophet (“Discontinued Model”).
Caustic Cell for the most part churn out super simplistic guitar arrangements that are punctuated with some occasionally mildly interesting drum work. The vocal stylings are harsh and the compositions unmemorable, usually with a very repetitive 3 or 4 note riffs. Honestly, there are a lot of Houston bands that play this style and Caustic Cell doesn't currently differentiate from the common local camo-clad loud sludge band with anything to make it worth a listen.
There could be something in this if they were to regroup and focus on better songwriting, but as it is, Caustic Cell should better keep their daytime jobs.

Reviewed by: A. Dorian


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